The Spotted Bear

The Spotted Bear

From the outside it looks pleasant, inviting and intimate. Softwood and huge, stone beams make up most of the building’s outer structure.
It’s impossible to see through the large, stained glass windows, but the livelyness from within can be felt outside.

As you enter the tavern through the old, hardwooden door, you’re welcomed by overall happiness and laughing voices.
The bartender is busy, but still manages to welcome you with a friendly nod.

It’s as enchanting inside as it is on the outside. Several walls support the upper floor and the large candles attached to them. The walls are full of paintings, judging by the style they’re all done by 1 person, perhaps the owner..

The tavern itself is packed. Tourists seem to be the primary clientele here, which could be seen as a bad sign, though you’re sure it’s not. Several long tables are occupied by, what seems to be one large group of people. The other, smaller tables are also occupied by people who are indulging in great food and drinks, while some do try to strike a conversation, others can barely speak a word between eating what must be delicious food. Even most of the stools at the bar are occupied, though nobody seems to mind more company.

You did hear rumors about this tavern, supposedly it’s famous for something, but you can’t remember what for. Though judging by the smells of grilled and cooked food coming from the kitchen, it must be the food. You manage to find a seat and prepare for what will undoubtedly be a great evening.

Eliza the Bartender

Many things can be said of Eliza, but the biggest two things to know are that she’s optimistic and innovative. Of course she’s also creative, curious and rational, but those are often overshadowed by tendencies of being abrasive as well.
Her optimism though, this is what she’s most popular for. People often count on this and her protective nature in times of need.

Nobody’s perfect of course and Eliza has plenty of less favorable characteristics too. Her abrasiveness and morbid nature cause plenty of grievances and just affect all around negatively.
Fortunately her innovative nature usually softens the worst of it.

Pink, layered hair tight in a ponytail reveals a strong, angled face. Sparkling grey eyes, set far within their sockets, watch carefully over her bar.
Scars reaching from just under the right eye , running towards the other eye and ending on her chin leaves a pleasant memory of unfortunate adventures.
There’s something fascinating about her, perhaps it’s a feeling of hospitality or perhaps it’s simply her composure. But nonetheless, people tend to thank her for her service, while awkwardly avoid talking about her past.

Arnet Saurbrew

Brown, coiled hair slightly reveals a strong, handsome face. Sharp blue eyes, set delicately their sockets, look around calculatingly about him.
There’s something seductive about him, perhaps it’s his persistence or perhaps it’s simply a feeling of indifference. But nonetheless, people tend to socialize with him, while spreading stories about him.

His fairly short sleeved, silky jacket covers him to well above his waist and is half buttoned up at the top left side. The sleeves of his jacket are very wide and reach down to just above his wrists, they’re decorated with a single thread lining at the sleeve ends.

The jacket has a deep v-neck which reveals part of the fancy shirt worn below it and is worn with a light leather belt, which is held together by an ornate pin. The leather belt is a functional addition, but does have some decorative value.

His pants are simple and narrow and reach down to his leather boots. The boots are made from a very uncommon leather, but are otherwise not any different from others.

Arnet is the owner of The Spotted Bear. He has owned the tavern for the last 7 years, but has been living in Whitehaven until earlier this year. Why he decided to buy this tavern, and why he is only now decided to move into town remains to be seen.

The Spotted Bear

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