The Dancing Hog

The Dancing Hog

From the outside it looks dirty, unenjoyable and dull. Large and small stones and marble pillars make up most of the building’s outer structure.
It’s difficult to see through the curtained windows, but the uncomfortable atmosphere from within can be felt outside.

As you enter the tavern through the heavily used, metal door, you’re welcomed by whispers and the rinkle of the doorbell.
The bartender is coughing into a dirty napkin and makes no effort to acknowledge your pressence.

It’s as horrible inside as it is on the outside. Several walls support the upper floor and the unlit torches attached to them. The walls are covered in photographs of what were undoubtedly better times for this tavern. They’re now more of a painful reminder of what it has turned into.

The tavern itself is almost completely abanonded. The few people inside could be locals, could be lost souls, but whoever they are, they give you an uncomfortable feeling of dread.

You did hear rumors about this tavern, supposedly it’s infamous for something, but for the life of you you can’t remember what for. Though judging by everything in this place, it must be something horrifying.

Nicholas Fraser, the Bartender and Owner

Many hateful words can be said about Nicholas Fraser, but the fact he’s greedy and envious is just the tip of the iceberg. On top of that he’s also angry, desperate and irresponsible, but they’re not as prominent and counteracted by habits of being methodical as well.
Fair is fair though, Nicholas has better sides too. He’s orderly and intuitive for a start, there’s still a beacon of hope.

Black, short hair slightly reveals a lean, gloomy face. Expressive amber eyes, set low within their sockets, watch the bar with disinterest.

There’s something irregular about him, perhaps it’s a feeling of anger or perhaps it’s simply his composure. But nonetheless, people tend to try to avoid him.

The Dancing Hog

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